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GIS Mapping
GIS Mapping


GIS, or Geographical GIS MappingInformation Systems, are an integral part of the forestry business.  Though GIS has been around for several years it is just now beginning to gain a lot of traction in the forestry industry.  GIS can be used for a myriad of functions in forestry.

Mapping and More with GIS

EVFS uses this powerful software to map property boundaries, stand delineation, riparian zones, drain tiles, waterways, and also for forest inventory purposes.

Utilizing Field Data Collectors

Using field data collectors, we gather the necessary information on the ground and then import the data into a database, creating highly detailed maps which prove extremely useful for landowners, realtors, consultants, and loggers.

Having a detailed map of your forest stands and their current condition is almost as important as having a boundary survey of your property allowing you, the landowner, to make informed decisions for the future.

Take Advantage of the Benefits GIS brings to Managing Your Land

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