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Timber Sale Administration
Timber Sale Administration

Timber Sales are generally a once in a lifetime deal for most people.  Growing timber is a long-term investment that requires dedication and hard work if you want to receive a good return on your investment.

It has been proven that utilizing a Forestry Consultant to assist you with managing and selling your timber generates a higher return on investment when the time comes for harvest.

Custom Timber Sales Solutions for LandownersTimber Sale AdministrationTimber Harvest


Every landowner is different and every tract of land is different, therefore at EVFS we tailor Timber Sales to suit the needs of each individual client.

Our Custom Timber Sales Solutions May Include:
  • Identifying the Property Boundaries

  • Identifying Stand Boundaries

  • Perform Forest Inventories

  • Develop a Prospectus and Timber Sale Notice

  • Distribute the Notices

  • Manage and Accept Bids

  • Prepare Deeds

  • Oversee Timber Harvest to Ensure Contract Compliance  

As the Timber Harvest operations are winding down, we go over a checklist with the client and address any concerns he or she may have in order to ensure their satisfaction.


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