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Timber Cruising
Timber Cruising

Timber Cruising, or forest inventory, is an intricate yet important part of Forest Management. Inventories are typically used for determining stand volume and value for timber sales, real estate appraisals, investment purposes or tax basis, with the main use being in timber sales.

In order to sell your timber, you need to have a good idea of what it's worth.

Taking a Forest Inventory with Timber Cruising Transponders

A forest inventory is a statistical analysis of your forest land where predetermined plots are navigated to and data is collected to generate a detailed report of species composition, volume, and value. Of course, where statistics are involved, error is involved. A predetermined error may be set to achieve a certain accuracy depending on certain factors.

Most forest inventories, if done correctly, are pretty accurate but 100% accuracy can only occur if we count every tree in the forest.

Forest inventories vary in price range due to a number of elements. High quality timber will need more data collected as will highly variant stands. Lower quality and/or less variant stands will need fewer plots sampled.

EVFS uses state of the art Timber Cruising Transponders for higher accuracy as well as ForestMetrix® pro software for highly detailed reporting.

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