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Hunting Lease Services
Hunting Lease Services

Hunting Lease Services are a great way to offset yearly costs associated with being a landowner.  In Southeastern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina hunting is still considered one of our greatest pastimes.

Hunting Lease Services

Have land that you’re interested in leasing for hunting?

Our region’s diverse habitat and landscapes offer exceptional recreational opportunities for the pursuit of wild game.

We assess your property and determine whether it will be a good candidate for a hunting lease and develop a contract based on your requests.

Hunting Leases are also great for absentee landowners.

Absentee landowners benefit the most from hunting leases because the grantee is usually “in-tune” with what is occurring on your property on a yearly basis.

While hunting leases are normally entered into with organized hunt clubs, individual hunters and/or small groups are beginning to pursue this avenue as well in order to secure an area for recreational use.

Would you like to offer Hunting Leases for your land? 


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